Miniature brake motor

Miniature brake motor

Product Details

Product alias:

Brake motor / micro brake car reducer / brake motor

Product Features:

The appearance of the whole series of reducer is silver, the nameplate is orange and silver, and the powder is painted to make the product more beautiful. The motor foot power design, reducer gear are high frequency heat treatment, and secondary grinding process, low noise, long service life .

Technical Parameters:

Motor Power: 25W ~ 120W

Voltage: single-phase AC220V/three-phase AC220/380V (6~15W only single-phase AC220V)

Reducer speed ratio: 25W (1:3 ~ 1:300) 40W ~ 120W (1:3 ~ 1:240)

Output torque:

Braking frequency: normal frequency ≤ 8 times, there are special requirements to communicate with sales;

Note: The whole series can increase the temperature protector; the standard is more than 25W to configure the brake (including 25W), the brake power can not be directly output from the inverter;

Model Description: