• Speed reducer for painting equipment

    Speed reducer for painting equipment The coating line gear reducer has a power range of 100W~3700W, and the standard speed ratio is 1:3~1:220. It is recognized by the indContact Now


    FABGEAR FABGEAR is the Feibo reducer (FABMODA), the brand's reducer chassis body logo, this series of reducer includes micro-tuning reducer, Contact Now

  • Motor Governor Supply

    Motor Governor SupplyThe governor mainly with the 6~120W single-phase motor for speed control, the controller are using Transformers to one or two side voltage iContact Now

  • Torque arm supplier

    Torque arm supplier The torsion arm is specially designed for the hollow output shaft worm gear reducer. During the installation process, the worm gear wContact Now

  • Frequency converter

    Frequency converter The inverter is a single-phase 220V voltage input and a three-phase 220V voltage output. The inverter can set the V/F to compensate tContact Now