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Dongguan Fengbo Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.: sales headquarters of Feibao reducer (FABMODA), the production base is located in the city known as the "world factory" - Dongguan; currently the factory has 180 production and technical personnel, production scale, The self-made rate of accessories and the type of production reducer are among the best in the country; the factory has produced multi-series reducers for 15 years, with experienced design team, professional advanced motor production line, independent gear hobbing department, processing department and quality assurance. The department also has testing equipment worth 4 million RMB; the production of the reducer has been strictly controlled, processed and shipped, all of which have undergone strict control and inspection; the reducer has the advantages of durability, low noise and high efficiency, and is suitable for different industries. Automated mechanical equipment; production technology and technology originated from China's Baodao - Taiwan.
"Feibao people" always focus on quality, integrity services, mutual benefit and win-win business philosophy, and constantly improve themselves, to do national industrial brands, for the motherland industry 4.0 help!

Operating products are: precision planetary gear reducer , speed control motor , non-standard reducer, gear reducer motor and other products.


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