Glass honing machine reducer

Glass honing machine reducer

Product Details

Product alias:

Sweeper special reducer / glass mechanical equipment reducer / gear reducer / gear reducer motor

Product Features:

The appearance of the whole series of reducer is silver, the nameplate is orange and silver, and the powder is painted. The design of the product is novel and beautiful. The internal gear of the reducer is high-frequency heat-treated, plus grinding or secondary fine rolling. The process is low-noise. Long life; the motor adopts automatic production technology, and the perfect quality control and control makes the quality more stable.

Technical Parameters:

Motor Power: 0.1KW ~ 3.7KW

Voltage: single phase AC220V / three phase AC220/380V

Reducer speed ratio: 1:3~1:240 For details, please refer to the selection manual.

Output Torque: 2N.m~3400N.m See the selection manual for details.

Reducer shaft diameter: 18 axes / 22 axes / 28 axes / 32 axes / 40 axes / 50 axes

Note: All series of motors can be equipped with electromagnetic brakes;

Model Description: