Special reducer for textile machinery

Special reducer for textile machinery

Product Details

Product Features:

Full range of reducer appearance to silver as a note, nameplate orange silver collocation, and powder paint, so that the product is more beautiful, motor foot power design, reducer gears high-frequency heat treatment, and two grinding processing, low noise, long service life.

Technical parameters:

Motor power: 6W~120W

Voltage: Single-phase AC220V/three-phase AC220/380V (6~15W only single-phase AC220V)

Reducer Speed ratio: 6W,25W (1:3~1:300) 15W, 40W~120W (1:3~1:240)

Output torque:

Note: A full range of temperature protectors can be added, more than 40W can increase the junction box (standard IP23, increase the junction box can be IP54);

Model Description: