Spinning machine reducer

Spinning machine reducer

Product Details

Product alias:

CNC spinning machine with reducer, spinning machine reducer, spinning machine special reducer, worm gear reducer custom, spinning machine reducer custom;

Product Features:

Shell made of iron, low backlash, durable use, good structural strength;

Technical Parameters:

Reducer model: FMEC40# (with 400W motor); FMED50# (with 750W motor);

Reducer axial direction: FMEC40# has left and right axis, FMED50# has only left axis;

Reducer speed ratio: 1:30 1:40 1:50 1:60

Note: This reducer is non-standard custom, normal is not stocked, need to order in advance, in order to ensure the use of the reducer, this series of products is recommended to spin aluminum thickness below 1.0;