AGV Robot Reducer Custom Making Machine

AGV Robot Reducer Custom Making Machine

Product Details

Product Alias:

AGV Robot Special Reducer, logistics AGV reducer supplier, AGV reducer customization, warehousing logistics AGV Trolley Reducer Manufacturing

Product Features:

Single-segment design, high efficiency, low noise

Technical parameters:

Model: Customized according to customer needs;

Rated input speed: Max 3000r/min

Reducer Speed ratio: 1:17~1:25

Accuracy: ≦8 ARC Score

Note: At present, the product has been a mature stage of production, has been in mass production, this product shell are customers confession mold, non-trafficking products, if you need to order, need to contact with our sales. The company also suppliesNon-standard Reducer,Speed regulating motorAnd other products, welcome to come to inquire about procurement.