Special reducer for two-wheel balancing vehicle

Special reducer for two-wheel balancing vehicle

Product Details

Product Alias:

Balanced car reducer, special custom reducer, AGV car reducer

Product Features:

The reducer adopts helical gear design, the tooth shape meshing is more than twice times the general straight tooth, the tooth reducer shell is aluminum magnesium alloy, the internal gear is optimized design, the quality is light, the strength is good, and has the continuous operation smooth, the low noise, the low back gap, the high efficiency and the height output torque and so on characteristic;

Technical parameters:

Model: FABPC-82-10 FABPC-82-24

Rated input speed: 1000r/min

Reducer speed ratio: 1:10 1:24

Output torque: 25N.m~60n.m

Note: Partial housing for the customer confession mold, if you need to order the shell part of the confession