Product Details

Product alias:

FABMODA, FABGEAR, Feibao reducer, micro gear reducer, aluminum alloy worm gear reducer, special deceleration custom;

Product Features:

The whole series of products are mainly made of silver powder baking varnish. It is an upgraded board for traditional liquid baking varnish. The whole series of products are first painted and reworked. The motor and gear parts are produced in-house, plus 400W testing equipment for product stability. Escort;

Technical data:

Motor output power: 6W~3700W;

Use voltage: standard voltage 220/380VAC (other motors can be customized)

Reducer speed ratio: 1:3~1:3000

Note: Our full range of reducers are produced for order orders, all of which are not in stock, and the order is about 7 working days in advance.