Torque arm supplier

Torque arm supplier

Product Details

Product alias:

RV reducer torsion arm / reducer torsion arm / worm wheel rod reducer torsion arm / torsion arm

Product Features:

The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation and long service life;

Technical Parameters:

Model: 30#, 40#, 50#, 63#, 75#, 90#

Torque arm installation precautions:

(1) The connection between the torsion arm and the motor flange, the torsion arm should be installed on the side without the flange as much as possible, and the length of the screw should also be noted, not too long to wear the deceleration casing;

(2) The other end of the torsion arm is fixed on the machine table, remember not to lock, otherwise the meaning of the torsion arm is lost;

(3) The torsion arm is mainly suitable for hollow shaft worm gear reducer;

Applicable reducer model: DMRV30# /DMRV40# / DMRV50# / DMRV63# / DMRV75# / DMRV90#