Frequency converter

Frequency converter

Product Details

Product alias:

Inverter / controller / governor / motor controller / MCU inside / variable frequency power supply / FABMODA governor / motor speed controller / motor inverter / simple inverter / micro inverter

Product Features:

Small size, complete functions, simple operation, flexible control and stable performance, suitable for dispatch control of small power motors;

Technical Parameters:

Output power: 60w~400w;

Use voltage: single-phase 220VAC input, three-phase 220VAC output;

Frequency output: 1.0~99Hz

Carrier frequency: 8.0Hz

Note: This inverter also has electronic brake function. If the brake function is used, it needs to control the external brake resistor in the circuit. In addition, the long-term operating frequency range of the inverter is recommended to be 35~75Hz. If there is overclocking, please communicate with sales.

Model Description: