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Precautions in daily maintenance of aluminum alloy worm gear reducer
- 2019-03-12-

The worm gear reducer is a power transmission structure that uses a gear speed converter to decelerate the number of revolutions of the motor (motor) to the required number of revolutions and obtain a mechanism with a large torque. In the mechanism for transmitting power and motion, the range of the speed reducer is appropriately wide. It can be seen in all kinds of mechanical transmission systems, from vehicles, cars, locomotives, heavy machinery for construction, processing equipment and automatic production equipment used in the machinery industry, to household appliances that are common in daily life. , clocks, etc. Its use can be seen from the transmission work of large power, to small load, accurate viewpoint transmission can see the use of reducer, and in industrial applications, the reducer has deceleration and added torque function. Therefore, it is widely used in speed and torque conversion equipment.

1. Aluminum alloy worm gear reducer guarantees the quality of the device. You can purchase or make some special tools. When disassembling and installing the parts of the reducer, try to avoid hitting with other tools such as hammers. When replacing gears and worm gears, try to use original parts and replace them in pairs. When the output shaft of the device is used, Pay attention to public service cooperation; use anti-adhesive agent or red dan oil to protect the hollow shaft to avoid wear and rust or cooperative area scale, which is difficult to disassemble when repairing.

2. Regularly check whether the foundation of the device, the seals, the drive shaft, etc. are normal.

3. If it is used normally, the high temperature of the lubricating oil should be less than 85 °C. When the oil temperature rises abnormally and abnormal phenomena occur, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately and check it out. After the fault is eliminated, it can be used continuously.

4. When installing the worm gear reducer, it is necessary to have a firm device on the machine, and there should be no looseness. In this process, it is necessary to acknowledge that the steering of the reducer is correct, and then the device operation can be performed intermittently. The reducer can not be placed for too long, beyond 3 to 6 months, and the oil seal is not immersed in the lubricating oil, it is recommended that the reducer user replace the oil seal, please follow the operating rules of the reducer.