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How to deal with oil leakage in gear reducer
- 2019-03-12-

How does the gear reducer deal with oil leakage after oil leakage? The following processing steps:

(1) Source of oil leakage: 1, oil seal leakage; 2, oil leakage; 3, body oil leakage; 4, oil hole oil.

(2) Causes of oil leakage: 1, 2, oil seal wear hardening; 3, body has sand holes; 4, oil quantity and running speed.

(3) Treatment plan: change the oil seal; check the wear condition of the shaft of the oil seal; change the body; the oil quantity is appropriate.

Analysis of the cause of oil leakage:

1, the long-term use of the gear reducer: the wear of the journal wear is reduced, reducing and even eliminating the sealing effect of the oil seal; at the same time, the appearance roughness of the reducer shaft is also an important reason for the wear of the oil seal. Since the oil seal is a key element of the shaft seal effect of the gear reducer, the long-term continuous high-temperature sliding contact between the oil seal and the oil seal is formed, and the wear and tear of the seal work is formed; the speed of the shaft is also affected by the temperature rise, and the temperature is also The higher the oil seal wears and burns, the seal of the oil seal is formed, and the service life of the oil seal is shortened;

2, the ventilating plug of the gear reducer: in the process of use is not turned open or not smooth, although the reducer has a venting cap, but the venting hole is too small, easy to be infested by dust and oil, during the operation of the geared motor, the sports pair Friction heating and the influence of ambient temperature increase the temperature of the reducer. If there is no venting hole or venting hole intrusion, the internal pressure will gradually increase. The higher the internal temperature, the greater the pressure difference with the outside world. Under the effect of the difference, it leaks from the gap.

3, the reducer body sand hole: the shell is die-casting through the mold, does not sweep the small sand hole refueling is not used but does not leak oil, but after the operation of the temperature rise, there is oil leakage, if found to change the shell to handle.

4, the reducer has too much fuel: during the operation of the gear reducer, the oil pool is stirred very fiercely, and the smooth oil splashes around the machine. If the amount of oil is too much, a large amount of smooth oil accumulates on the oil seal separation surface. Incurs a leak.

5, improper selection to form the geared motor overload operation and oil leakage.