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The difference between precision planetary gear reducer and geared motor
- 2019-03-12-

The geared motor is composed of a motor and a speed reducer. The speed reducer is usually classified into a gear reducer, a worm gear reducer and a precision planetary gear reducer . Therefore, the geared motor can be divided into a gear series, a worm series, a planetary gear series and others. Many series.

There are many types of geared motors that are used in the transmission category. The functions and characteristics of different types have their own characteristics. Gear reduction motors and precision planetary gear reducers sound like the same motor product. Actually, what are the characteristics of the two? Here is what Xiaobian wants to share with us.

First, the gear reduction motor has a simple structure and easy to ensure accuracy, and the gear teeth can be made into straight teeth, helical teeth and herringbone teeth. The bearing capacity of the gear tooth surface should be related to the hardness of the tooth surface. The higher the hardness, the bearing The higher the talent. According to the size of the tooth surface hardness, the gear transmission is usually divided into two types, namely hard tooth surface gear transmission and soft tooth surface gear transmission. Usually, the tooth surface hardness of a pair of meshing gears is greater than 350HBS, which is called a hard tooth surface gear, otherwise it is called a soft tooth surface gear. Therefore, the gear is divided into a hard tooth surface and a soft tooth surface, and the two applications are widely used, but the scope of use is different.

Second, the precision planetary gear reducer, the planetary gear transmission effectively utilizes the power splitting and the coaxiality of the input and output, and the reasonable use of the internal meshing. Therefore, compared with the general fixed-shaft gear transmission, the precision planetary gear reducer has a small mass. The utility model has the advantages of small volume, large transmission ratio, large bearing capacity, stable transmission and high transmission power. Due to these characteristics, planetary gears are widely used in machine tools, robot joints, metallurgy, mining, construction, aviation and other mechanical categories.

The geared motor is used in low-speed, high-torque transmission equipment. The motor or other high-speed power is transmitted through the gears on the input shaft of the geared motor with a small number of teeth to mesh with the large gear on the output shaft to achieve the purpose of deceleration. For example, the gear reduction motor will There are several pairs of the same principle gears to achieve the deceleration of the ambition, the ratio of the number of teeth of the large gear is the reduction ratio.

In general, whether it is the gear series or the planetary gear series of geared motors, their use is to reduce the motor speed through the mechanical transmission. If it is a single motor, such as a variable frequency motor, the frequency is changed by the inverter to reach the motor. The intention of speed conditioning. It can be seen that the gear motor series and planetary gear series have their own characteristics and advantages. We can choose according to the actual working conditions of our equipment.