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Eight reasons why the gear reducer smokes
- 2019-03-12-

Normally, ordinary gear reducers and generators will think that the temperature is high, causing the problem of smoke from overheating. This is one of the reasons, but the reason for the smoke is more than this. The gear reducer exhibits less smoke and can find 8 reasons.

The voltage of the gear reducer is too low or overloaded. The voltage can be measured by the multimeter. The cause of the overload may be that the machine structure is stuck or the reducer is smooth. Whether the overload can be measured with a clamp ammeter.

If the temperature is too high, it may be caused by poor ventilation or exposure. First of all, check whether the fan of the gear reducer can be damaged or not fixed. Pay attention to whether there is any object that affects ventilation, and remove it in time to prevent temperature rise. It is a daily experience.

The motor voltage is too high or the wiring is wrong; the voltage is measured by the multimeter. If it is too high, you should think about the method to reduce the voltage properly, and then check whether the wiring can cause problems, for example, the star connection or the corner connection method. If the error is found, correct the line immediately.

After the broken rod of the squirrel cage, it must be changed after the broken strip, the rotor of the motor should be changed to avoid other problems. If there is smoke, there should be other problems in checking other parts.

Whether the gear reducer starts frequently and whether the starting current is too large; if the reversal is frequent or the number of starts is too high, the demand should be reduced to reduce the number of motor reversing operations or starting times, or use other types of motors to reduce the generator. Damage; if the starting current is too large, the star angle start or soft start maintainer should be added to the inverter.

The motor is fixed and the rotor rubs against each other; for large motors, many factories will think about the cost to repair the new one, and the cost is lowered, but the effect is likely to be greatly reduced. The main reason is that some small workshops do not have diamonds and hard work. The repaired motor could not be used, which is also common in small factories.

The stator winding has a small range of short circuits or the stator windings are partially grounded. Use a test lamp or a megger to find the grounding, and pad the insulation, then brush the insulating paint to dry.

The centrifugal switch will not open after the gear reducer is started. Regarding the single-phase motor, there is a centrifugal switch inside the motor. The centrifugal switch is used for starting the single-phase motor. When the motor is stationary, the switch is closed. When the motor is powered, the starting winding and the starting capacitor are connected in parallel to make the motor slow. Start, when the motor speed reaches three-quarters of the normal speed, the centrifugal switch is forced to open, the starting winding exits, the running winding works, and the motor starts. If the centrifugal switch is damaged, the total current or the secondary winding loop current can be measured. After confirming that the centrifugal switch is faulty, the centrifugal switch should be repaired or changed. These are the reasons why the gear reducer smokes, and try to prevent these problems when using the gear reducer.