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Analysis of the cause of charging of gear reducer housing
- 2019-03-12-

When the gear reducer cannot be started, the motor cannot be forced repeatedly, which will cause motor damage. It should be carefully analyzed according to the conditions and conditions of practice, and then started after finding out the reason why the gear reducer cannot be started. The purpose of this is to avoid the expansion of electric faults. Especially in the case of gear reducer, if abnormal noise or overheating occurs, the power should be disconnected in time when the temperature is too high to ensure that the electric motor is not damaged. Maintaining the motor from these small problems, dealing with these small problems can prevent the expansion of the electric problem, and can extend the service life of the electric motor. When the gear reducer can't move, we should start from the following aspects:

1. Check if the power of the gear reducer can be connected.

2, fuse blown

3, stator or rotor winding open circuit

4, stator group grounding

5, stator winding phase-to-phase short circuit

6, the stator group wiring error

7, overload can drive the machine is rolled

8, the rotor copper strip loose

9. Can the smooth grease in the gear reducer be used up? The gear reducer has been added with grease before leaving the factory. It can run for 20,000 hours under normal conditions. It can be changed without changing the smooth grease, but it can be operated under special environmental conditions, such as high temperature. The oil change frequency is 10,000-15,000 hours during long-term operation. Therefore, the use of gear reducers should pay attention to the frequency of its oil change, there may also be a rotation of the shaft due to heat shrinkage, hindering the rotation in the bearing.

10. Control equipment wiring is wrong or damaged

11, over current breaker is too small

12, old-fashioned walking switch oil cup lack of oil

13. Rotor resistance of wound rotor motor is improperly equipped.

The normal operation of the gear reducer housing is not allowed to be charged. In order to avoid the electrification of the motor casing, the common causes of charging the motor casing are summarized as follows. The following are the only references provided by the City State Motor.

1. The power cable and the grounding wire are wrong.

2. The insulation of the stator winding is damaged to form a leakage. The reason is: the three-phase asynchronous motor is used for too long, and the winding insulation is aging; or if foreign matter enters the motor to make the winding insulation damage; or the motor is overloaded for a long time, the winding is burnt; or the power supply voltage exceeds the rated motor. The voltage causes insulation breakdown of the stator windings and the like. These may charge the metal casing of the motor. In addition, if the environment around the motor is wet; or the motor is invaded by rain or snow, water droplets enter the inside of the motor; or due to corrosion of harmful gases. These will make the three-phase fixed in the winding insulation performance (insulation resistance drop), so that the metal casing of the motor is charged.

3, the motor windings love the tide, insulation aging makes the insulation performance lower

4, the lead wire and the junction box

5, part of the winding insulation damage causes the wire to touch the shell

6, dead heart slack wound wire

7, a line of failure

8, the terminal block is damaged or the appearance of excessive oil