DRV Worm Gear Reducer

DRV Worm Gear Reducer

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Product Features:

Reducer shell with aluminum alloy die-casting, small size, fast heat dissipation, smooth operation, small noise, low temperature rise, special preparation of worm gear oil, durable, maintenance-free, can be applied to a full range of installation, the higher the speed ratio of its self-locking function is stronger;

Technical parameters:

REDUCER Model: DRV30#/DRV40#/DRV50#/DRV63#/DRV75#/DRV90#

Reducer Speed ratio: 5/7.5/10/20/30/40/50/60 (Specific speed ratio please contact with sales)

Note: Standard back gap 20~30 arc, back gap accuracy can also be customized, hollow shaft reducer with torsion arm, the effect is better!

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