DRVE worm gear reducer

DRVE worm gear reducer

Product Details

Product alias:

Aluminum alloy worm gear reducer / worm gear reducer / RV reducer

Product Features:

The outer casing of the reducer is die-casted with aluminum alloy. It has small volume, fast heat dissipation, stable operation, low noise and low temperature rise. It is specially formulated with worm gear oil. It is durable and maintenance-free. It can be applied in all directions, and the higher the speed ratio, the more self-locking. The stronger the function;

Technical Parameters:

Reducer model DRVE30#/DRVE40#/DRVE50#/DRVE63#/DRVE75#/DRVE90#

Reducer speed ratio: 5/7.5/10/20/30/40/50/60 (please contact sales for specific speed ratio)

Note: The standard backlash is 20 to 30 arc minutes, and the backlash accuracy can be customized.

Model Description: