FAA Series Planetary Reducer

FAA Series Planetary Reducer

Product Details

Product Alias:

Planetary reducer/Precision Planetary Reducer

Product Features:

The reducer adopts helical gear design, the tooth shape meshing is more than twice times the general straight tooth, and has the characteristics of continuous running smooth, low noise, low back gap, high efficiency and higher output torque.

Technical parameters:

Model: FAA Series: 50#, 70#, 80#, 90#, 100#, 120#;

Rated input speed: 3000r/min

Reducer Speed ratio: Single section 1:3~1:10, double section 1:15~1:100 specific details of the selection manual

Output torque: 14N.m~280n.m

Accuracy: Single-segment standard 8 arcs, double-segment 8-ARC score;

NOTE: Servo motor size diagram is required when ordering due to different servo motor standards

Model Description: