FAN series precision planetary reducer

FAN series precision planetary reducer

Product Details

Product alias:

Planetary gear reducer / precision planetary reducer / planetary reducer

Product Features:

The reducer adopts a helical gear design, and the toothed meshing is more than twice of that of a general straight tooth, and has the characteristics of continuous running smoothness, low noise, low backlash, high efficiency and high output torque;

Technical Parameters:

Model: FAN series: 50#, 60#, 70#, 80#, 115#;

Rated input speed: 3000r/min

Reducer speed ratio: single section 1:3~1:10, double section 1:5~1:100 For details, please refer to the selection manual.

Output torque: 12N.m ~ 165N.m

Accuracy: 8 to 12 arc minutes

Note: Due to different servo motor standards, servo motor size drawings are required when ordering.

Model Description: