What are the common faults about speed regulating motors?
- 2019-03-12-

1. Main drive motor operation is not normal, bearing heating

The main drive motor operation abnormal slip motor in the operation process will oscillate violently, resulting in bearing heat. Disassemble the clutch armature and the magnetic pole rotor, check whether the bearing of the motor is severely lacking grease, and form the severe wear of the bearing, the function of the motor decreases. At this point, the requirements replace the damaged bearings and add good grease. Under normal circumstances, all parts of this part of the organization should be cleaned and refueled once to ensure the normal operation of the main drive motor.

2. Periodic decline of host speed

Most of this is due to shortcomings caused by the distribution of the Machinery Department,Speed regulating motorThe roller is more, each roller depends on the bearing to support the move. Assuming that any end of a roller bearing attack shortcomings, may make the main speed of the mainframe periodic underground peak, severe, the host move will be more frustrating, should be replaced bearing only line. Other, should pay attention to the host drum (including printing plate, rubber, imprint drum) bearings and their lubrication parts of the operation is normal, assuming that the onset of shortcomings will also affect the printing speed.

3. The speed of the speed motor after the speed increase and gradually decline so that the shutdown

In this case, the requirements investigate the change of the ammeter pointer in the electric cabinet of the speed regulating motor. Assuming that its indication current increases sharply, then the main motor thermal relay and other overload protection equipment will inevitably attack the protection action, so that the main motor disconnect the three-phase power supply and stop the operation. At this time the demand carefully check the main motor circuit related wiring components and the main motor communication contactor, speed motor electrical cabinet in all thermal relays and other overload protection equipment wiring parts are loose, contact is not bad and heat. Assuming that these parts have title headings, the main motor will grow after the growth rate, due to poor contact between the wires and components in the circuit to make the current sensitive increase, resulting in protective downtime. When the speed of speed motor operation is low, due to the main motor operating current is small and will not attack gas hope speed gradually decline so that the situation of downtime, but when the speed motor lift speed, the power load is large, the shortcomings of electrical components will be revealed. In practice, it can sometimes be seen that the terminal in the electrical cabinet of the speed regulating motor is hot due to poor contact with the wire, and even at the junction of the oxide layer, the insulation of the wire outside the anti-charred discoloration, these title headings will seriously affect the normal operation of the main drive motor. At this time the demand operator immediately take appropriate measures, such as packing the contact surface of the terminal and wire, fastening the wiring screws, removing the burnt-out wire oxide layer, replacing the damaged severe terminal and so on.

4. Large noise during main drive motor operation

In order to adjust the slip-differential electrical maneuver balance, the two ends of the armature and the magnetic pole rotor are respectively equipped with counterweight equipment. Assuming that this part of the device is slightly loose, then the slip motor will move against the original position when moving at high speed. The disadvantage assumes that the attack in the outer side of the main drive motor will form part of the conflict between the armature and the magnetic pole rotor, resulting in increased noise. At this time on the demand for downtime repair, rehabilitation armature and magnetic pole rotor dynamic balance, and from the beginning to find a good position of the original dynamic balance counterweight and fixed it, so that the main drive motor normal operation.