How to use oil effectively by gear reducer
- 2019-03-12-

Automobile demand gasoline can run up, the same gear reducer manufacturers are also, reducer demand the use of oil to be able to run up. Every time you use the reducer, the oil will have a great effect. Different reducers use not the same oil, different temperatures make the use of oil is also a difference. Below will be a specific description of the reducer using oil skills and methods.

First, refueling when you can spin the upper part of the ventilation cap can refuel. When the oil is put in the lower part of the opening seat of the oil plug, you can release the sewage oil. The reducer is free of lubricating oil inside the factory.

Second, the newly issued reducer has been lubricated grease, every six months to replace. Grease selection of aluminum disulfide -2# or 2L-2# lithium base lubrication grease.

Third, horizontal cycloid reducer Under normal circumstances to choose oil pool lubrication, oil surface height to maintain in the middle of the visual oil window can be, in poor working conditions, ambient temperature at high temperature can choose circulating lubrication.

Four, the first refueling work 100 hours should replace the new oil, and the internal sewage oil washed clean after a succession of work, semi-annual replacement of 8 hours of work system, if the working conditions can be appropriate to shorten the oil change time, practice has proved that the reducer often cleaning and oil change for the extension of the service life of the reducer has an important effect. Lubricating oil should always be made up in the process of use.

Five, vertical installation of planetary cycloid needle wheel deceleration machine to prevent oil pump breakage, in order to avoid damage to the parts of the reducer.

Six, cycloid needle reducer at room temperature generally choose 40# or 50# Mechanical oil lubrication, in order to improve the performance of the reducer, extend the service life of cycloid needle reducer, advocate the selection of 70# or 90# extreme pressure gear oil, in the case of high and low temperature work can also reconsider lubricating oil.

The analysis can be concluded that the oil has a very large effect on the operation of the whole reducer. In the normal temperature, the use of oil can be abundant to provide the performance of the reducer. In the long time to work and use the reducer, can effectively protect the reducer and extend the service life of the reducer.