WeChat Reducer Motor Factory tutor your motor fault handling method
- 2019-03-12-

  Micro reducer motor in the development process more and more by the masses like, but in the daily use of the process will still appear big and small problems, so we need to learn the corresponding knowledge, about small faults can do trimming. The following is byMicro Reducer Motor ManufacturersFor you to describe in detail.

Micro Reducer Motor axial bending if the degree of bending is not small, can be used grinding method for trimming, if bending beyond 0.2mm, can borrow press for trimming, after correction will be polished surface, restore the original can be, if bending through large, can not be trimmed, to be replaced in a timely manner.

Micro reducer motor shaft neck wear when the neck wear is not big, you can plating a layer of chromium on the shaft neck, and then grinding to the need scale, when the wear is more severe, you can first use surfacing, and then use the window to trim to the standard scale, when the axle neck wear to the point that can not be trimmed, you should consider replacing.

The transverse crack depth of the shaft crack or cracking shaft does not exceed the 10%~15% of the shaft diameter, and when the longitudinal crack does not exceed 10% of the shaft length, it can be welded first and then trimmed to meet the standard. If cracking and cracks are too severe, consider replacing them.

Micro reducer motor chassis and end cover of the maintenance of the shell and end cover between the gap can be through the surfacing and then trimming method, such as bearing end cover cooperation too loose, can use the punch for trimming, and then the bearing into the end cover, for high-power micro-deceleration motor, can use electroplating and other ways to repair.

Daily protection is very important to reduce and prevent the motor in operation, the important link is to strengthen the roving inspection and timely elimination of any abnormal phenomenon of the origin. After the occurrence of trouble needs to carefully analyze the incident, to take countermeasures, is to reduce the number of incidents reduced maintenance workload, improve the operation efficiency of micro-reducer motor essential technical work.