How to solve the problem of early pitting of gear reducer?
- 2019-03-12-

How to solve the problem of pitting corrosion in the early stage of gear reducer. Pitting corrosion must be related to the lubricant, and it is also closely related to the material of the gear reducer. In the usual application process, there will be certain processing standards. Another point is that the gear is not well pressed to form a local overload. The local overload of the gear makes the practical touch stress greatly exceed the allowable touch stress of the gear material. Some gears do not reach the full tooth length touch or only the tooth. One end touches and even diagonally touches. The following is a detailed explanation for us by Fengbo Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

First, the impact of materials and processing standards

The selection of gear materials and the matching of the applied load, the selection and matching of heat treatment hardness are also the reasons that affect the previous pitting.

Second, the impact of lubricants

Because of the unreasonable lubrication of gear transmission and the unsuitable selection of lubricants, it is also the cause of the previous pitting. Ways to avoid pitting corrosion in gear reducer gears:

(1) Reasonable lubrication of the gear reducer drive and selection of suitable lubricants.

(2) Improve the accuracy of the gear unit of the reducer and ensure the touch precision of the gear.

For the central drive reducer, if the device and the device are not well investigated, there may be unsynchronization of the left and right transmissions, and the load is poor. In this case, the one transmission gear may not bear The load, while the other side of the transmission gear is overloaded (up to 2 times the planned load), which easily causes progressive front pitting of the tooth surface. Want to know more welcome to Fengbo Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.